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Love these

October 19, 2010 Comments off

6 1/2 minutes of Attenborough on evolution then 10 mins of audio of him on Archaeopteryx

and then when you’ve listened to the first one, here’s more in song


Survey of marine life

October 4, 2010 Comments off

Today on BBC news website – "Scientists are celebrating the completion of a decade-long study of life in the world’s oceans – watch a selection of rarely-seen footage from their research"
Here’s the link.
On pages 270-273 in your textbooks, you can read about the 5 major mass extinctions in the ancient world. Some say we are about to have a sixth mass extinction caused by human influence on the planet. There’s even a book with the title!. A survey like this helps establish a baseline so we can see if that is true, and also uncovers new species we might be interested in from an evolutionary viewpoint.

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