Our dinosaurs


Iguanodon hand

Iguanodon hand

Iguanodon thumb spike

Iguanodon thumb spike

Modern quadruped reconstruction

Modern quadrupedal reconstruction

Here’s a video showing how the old (wrong) very upright bipedal reconstruction gave way to the newer quadrupedal. Bear in mind that modern thinking is that they were still sometimes bipedal, but didn’t trail their tail along the ground.

Modern bipedal reconstruction

and also as a biped

Here is a short paper about dinosaurs which has a section on iguanodon starting on page 4. There is a good section on the hinged upper jaw. Try to find out what it means when it says this removed the need for "grinding stones"

Check out the schools wikipedia article on Iguanodon. There is a whole section on diet – how did its teeth and horned beak give clues about its diet? Why do palaeontologists think it had extensive cheeks?

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