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Chronostratigraphic Correlation- Simple

November 23, 2010

-This is where the rock is dated by linking the events which may have occured over large areas. e.g. sea level change

-The studies are relative and measured by the age of rock strata.

-Volcanic rock is used as it is laid down quickly and volcanic material can cover huge areas.

-Glacial varves are used because there is a variation in the deposits laid down in winter and summer.

  • In summer, there is more glacial meltwater, so it has more energy so bigger particles can be carried then eventually deposited
  • In winter, there is less glaical meltwater, so it has less energy and can only carry smaller particles such as clay which are then deposited
  • So two different layers are laid down every year.


-Doesn’t tell us the exact age

-Geologists who use this method often have to assume things which could easily be false

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